cosmotecho )))
4. - 11. August 2014, The Cosmobil will drive around the Boom Festival, Portugal.
 Cosmotecho ))) - live act in the public space - sounds from outer space.
By Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg >>>

metoso – the interactive dance performance
Zu Gast in der Zitadelle bei Chantal Michel ist "metoso – die interaktive Tanzperformance" mit Heidi Köpfer am 27. Juni 2014, 19Uhr. Anmeldepflichtig unter 031 311 21 90. Die Zitadelle, Butzenstrasse 3, Zürich, Schweiz.
>>>. (Foto: Rolf Bürgin)

cosmotecho )))
16. May 2014, 20pm, Dock18 - Institute for Media Technology, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland.
7. March 2014, 16-18h as part of Sound Surrounds at the Theatre forecourt in Freiburg, Germany. Cosmotecho ))) - live act in the public space - sounds from outer space.
By Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg >>>

Anima Perplexa
11. January - 8. March 2014, Saturday 16 - 18h and by appointment at the Hebel_121 in Basel. Vernissage 11. January 2014, 16 - 18h >>>


Regionale 14 – Ma(r)king Territories
1. December 2013 - 5. January 2014, Ma(r)king Territories at the House of Electronic Arts Basel. >>> Argus Eyes


Insert: Stall
20.- 23. September 2013, group exhibition “Insert: Stall” at the Ausstellungsraum Klingental.

BYOB Basel
24. August 2013, 18-23:59pm, Bring Your Own Beamer Basel at the House of Electronic Arts Basel.

metoso – the interactive dance performance
by Michel Winterberg and Heidi Köpfer

metoso is an interactive audio-visual installation. The dancer and choreographer Heidi Köpfer creates a dialogue with this installation between sound and movement. >>>
14. July 2013, 6pm and 8pm at Space Record - Exhibition in the “Grosse Halle der Reitschule Bern”, Switzerland. metoso is also exhibited for visitors during the 11. - 14. July 2013.

cosmotecho )))
2. August 2013, 9pm, KUNSTpause, Zug, Switzerland
22. June 2013 liveact with Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin, Michel Winterberg at
Château des fout, Château de Fougerette, Étang-sur-Arroux, France

Um die Ecke


The Mixed Media-Installation “Um die Ecke” by Denis Handschin and Michel Winterberg >>>

- WRO 15th Media Art Biennale in Wrocław, Poland, 9. May - 16. June 2013
- House of Electronic Arts Basel, Switzerland, Regionale 13, 25. Nov. 2012 - 6. Jan. 2013

Platz für Neues – Interaktive Videoinstallation


Consistent with the opening of the International Design Fair Blickfang on 2012, there was at the same time the vernissage in the Carambolage of the interactive video installation. >>>

Wartezeiten in Organisationen und künstlerische Intervention

Forschungsprojekt der Hochschule der Künste Bern und des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds.
Interaktive Videoinstallation «Warteschatten» für die handlungseinladende Raumintervention, programmiert von Michel Winterberg. >>>

Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen
interactive mechanical sound installation


Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen, interactive mechanical sound installation
Brockenbude Glubos in 2012, Basel, Switzerland >>>

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