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Once upon a time it was a brand new “Roland TB-303 Bass Line” - synthesizer

During his work with electronic music since 1991, Michel Winterberg played in various projects and developed a knowledge in producign and mastering.



In "Symbiotic Distortion", Michel Winterberg uses sound sources from electromagnetic interference of everyday devices such as fans, computers and power supplies. With these devices and special microphones he improvises, from granular to repetitive or carrying soundscapes and lets the listeners immerse themselves in a psychedelic noise cosmos.
The electromagnetic fields are made audible to us live by special radiation detectors. "Symbiotic Distortion" does not use a real sequencer, but only the improvised sounds, which are processed with dealy and effect loops and played back partly repetitively.
To intensify the live performance, there are sound reactive visuals that contains self-programmed, abstract, flowing video glitches. >>> Video, Fotos, Press

14. Nov 2019, Noise Gate at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Basel, Switzerland, Video
25. - 26. May 2019, NOISELAB Festival Berlin, Teufelsberg at Berlin Grunewald, Germany
7. June 2018, Serendipity—Experimental Sessions: together with Inside the Baxter Building at Le Ventre, Ancienne Synagogue, Hégenheim, France
21.10.2017, GENERATE!° Festival für elektronische Künste
Shedhalle Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany
21. 7. 2017, Signs Fraction at Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland
14. January 2017, Art’s Birthday at E-Werk, Freiburg, Germany. Newspaper Badische Zeitung und SWR2 - Video.



during Art Basel Parcours 2014

cosmotecho ))) is initiated by the artist Denis Handschin and relates data of the cosmic background radiation and transforms them into sound. With live act events we are converting the sound back into electromagnetic waves to send them back to the universe.
The first experimental live act by Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg with the cosmobil was on 21. December 2012 at the Mittleren Rheinbrücke in Basel, Switzerland.
Videos / Fotos.

4. August 2019, Les Digitales Zürich, Festival for Electronic and Experimental Music, Zürich, Switzerland
9. Sept. 2016, Guck mal Günther, Kunst 2016 | Das Festival der jungen Künste, Kulturhaus Tommasini, Lenzburg, Switzerland
13. June 2016 LISTE 21 Art Fair Basel, Switzerland
28. May 2016 GENERATE! Festival for Electronic Arts, Tübingen, Germany.
20. July 2015, TRIPtychon, Münsterberg, Basel, Switzerland
4. - 11. August 2014, The Cosmobil drive around the Boom Festival, Portugal.
21. June 2014 during Art Basel Parcours, Switzerland.
16. May 2014, 20pm, Dock18 - Institute for Media Technology, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland.
7. March 2014, 16-18h as part of Sound Surrounds at the Theatre forecourt in Freiburg, Germany.
2. August 2013, 9pm, KUNSTpause, Zug, Switzerland.
22. June 2013 at Château des fout, Château de Fougerette, Étang-sur-Arroux, France.
27. May 2013 at Perla-Mode in Zürich, Switzerland at FRICTION / Reality Check.
21. December 2012 at the Mittleren Rheinbrücke in Basel, Switzerland.


“ULO” (United Laptop Orchestra) was originally established at the Institute of Media Arts in Aarau by Stephan Athanas, but had to disappearance after this institute close its doors. “ULO” is 2011 celebrating his resurrection at the Lucerne School of Art and Design and under the "elektromagnetischer Sommer" by Radio LORA. “ULO” plays during the audiovisual concerts, improvised soundscapes which are programmed with Max/MSP.
Jacques Tati's mon oncle revisited, with live performed movie soundtrack. / Kino Odeon Brugg, 29.10.2011 ab 20h15, / Tati goes Dancefloor, 22h30 Dampfschiff Brugg.


Presswerk 2008
Münchenstein, Switzerland

“Rotary Lick” is a clubbing Techno, Techhouse and Minimalmusic project of Michel Winterberg, founded in 2006.
New Digital Release “Hafenstadt” out now! Listen and buy at Beatport, iTunes or Soundcloud.


Blackmoon 2006
Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Beyond Third Spring are the brothers Claude and Michel Winterberg. In 1997 they began to compose psy-trance music together.
Their psy-trance is spherical fullon with floating melodies, fantasy music made to space-of and dance up. "Beyond Third Spring" further incorporate traditional instrument like didgeridoo (M. Winterberg).
Untill 2010 they have played at parties all around the world.

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