Façade Projection

during OpenHouse of HyperWerk, 2011


Video mapping on the façade during the OpenHouse 14. Jan. 2011, of the Institute HyperWerk in Basel. HOW TO BE A CREATIVE STUNTMAN IN REAL 3D, this was the topic from these days. For video mapping we use Modul8, a TripleHead2Go and two Beamer with about only 3000 ANSI Lumen.

Video Mapping: Michel Winterberg, Lea Baltisberger, Gaspard Weissheimer, Valentin Felber, Ronny Jäger, Eli Zwimpfer, Dominique Mischler
Pre video cut: Gaspard Weissheimer
Photo: Gaspard Weissheimer, Michel WInterberg
Camera: Peter Bichsel, Nicole Wüst
Video cut: Michel WInterberg
Project Leader: Michel Winterberg