Overview Sound Performances

Once upon a time it was a brand new Roland TB-303 Bass Line – synthesizer

During his work with electronic music since 1991, Michel Winterberg played in various projects and developed a knowledge in producign and mastering. Such as the current «Cosmotecho )))» sound performance and the solo live act «Symbiotic Distortion». His musical roots lie in the techno club music of the 90s.

Symbiotic Distortion

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) 2019, Switzerland

In Symbiotic Distortion, Michel Winterberg uses sound sources from electromagnetic interference of everyday devices such as fans, computers and power supplies. With these devices and special microphones he improvises, from granular to repetitive or carrying soundscapes and lets the listeners immerse themselves in a psychedelic noise cosmos… >>>

Cosmotecho )))

During Art Basel Parcours 2014, Foto: Yaima Carrazana

Cosmotecho ))) is initiated by the artist Denis Handschin and relates data of the cosmic background radiation and transforms them into sound. With live act events we are converting the sound back into electromagnetic waves to send them back to the universe… >>>

Rotary Lick

Presswerk 2008, Münchenstein, Switzerland

Rotary Lick is a clubbing Techno, Techhouse and Minimalmusic project of Michel Winterberg, founded in 2006.
Digital Release “Hafenstadt”, Listen and buy at BeatportiTunes or Soundcloud.

Beyond Third Spring

Blackmoon 2006, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Beyond Third Spring are the brothers Claude and Michel Winterberg. In 1997 they began to compose psy-trance music together.
Their psy-trance is spherical fullon with floating melodies, fantasy music made to space-of and dance up. Beyond Third Spring further incorporate traditional instrument like didgeridoo (M. Winterberg).
Untill 2010 they have played at parties all around the world.