Cosmotecho )))

Sound Performance

Live Act Basel 21.12.2012
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cosmotecho ))) is initiated by the artist Denis Handschin and relates data of the cosmic background radiation and transforms them into sound. With live act events we are converting the sound back into electromagnetic waves to send them back to the universe.
The first experimental live act by Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg with the cosmobil was on 21. December 2012 at the Mittleren Rheinbrücke in Basel, Switzerland.
Videos / Fotos.

  • 4.8.2019, Les Digitales Zürich, Festival for Electronic and Experimental Music, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 9.9.2016, Guck mal Günther, Kunst 2016 | Das Festival der jungen Künste, Kulturhaus Tommasini, Lenzburg, Switzerland
  • 13.6.2016, LISTE 21 Art Fair Basel, Switzerland
  • 28.5.2016, GENERATE! Festival for Electronic Arts, Tübingen, Germany
  • 20.7.2015, TRIPtychon, Münsterberg, Basel, Switzerland
  • 4.-11.8.2014, the Cosmobil drive around the Boom Festival, Portugal
  • 21.6.2014, during Art Basel Parcours, Switzerland
  • 16.5.2014, Dock18 – Institute for Media Technology, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 7.3.2014, as part of Sound Surrounds at the Theatre forecourt in Freiburg, Germany
  • 2.8.2013, KUNSTpause, Zug, Switzerland
  • 22.6.2013, at Château des fout, Château de Fougerette, Étang-sur-Arroux, France
  • 27.5.2013, at Perla-Mode in Zürich, Switzerland at FRICTION / Reality Check
  • 21.12.2012, at the Mittleren Rheinbrücke in Basel, Switzerland
Vernissage TV @ Art Basel Parcours 2014
28.5.2016 GENERATE! Festival for Electronic Arts, Tübingen, Germany
Foto: Hanna G. Diedrichs gen. Thormann