Surroundings – MIC Exhibition

Video Mapping / Façade Projection with Sound Track


«Surroundings» was shown in the Digital Art Exhibition:
«MIC Exhibition 2011 – plot_point_position» in Auckland, New Zealand, 9. – 29. April 2011.

«Michel Winterberg: ‘Surroundings’
Transforming architecture through light, colour and animation. The work first interacts with the visible part of the facade in a straightforward geometrical way, then segues with a more organic approach referencing the river Rhine running behind the building. The Soundtrack, created for plot_point_position, uses distorted and reworked audio recordings from the original film. Digital film and audio.»

Michel Winterberg created this façade projection during the workshop «Lumentektur – Videomapping in the Public Sphere» directed by URBANSCREEN.
The result was shown on the facade of the Kaserne Basel, Switzerland during the EXHIBIT! – SCENOGRAPHY IN EXHIBITION DESIGN, 3rd International Scenographers› Festival IN3 Basel FHNW 2010.

This work of Michel Winterberg is called «Surroundings» and refers to the theme of «plot» of the MIC Exhibition, in the sense of immediate urban environment. The soundscape was created later, especially for the MIC Exhibition 2011, Auckland, New Zealand. He took environmental sounds from the videorecording and distorted them, thus creating new elements.

Michel Winterberg is a student at the Institute HyperWerk, Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Thanks to Catherine Wathard.