Mutated Tamagotchi

Interactive mixed media object, 2013

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Interactive mixed media object, electronic components, bird feeders.
15 x 8 x 8 cm, freely suspended at 1.55m, 2013. Edition 4 +1AP.

The once ubiquitous tamagotchis have vanished almost completely. However, in the shadows, they have multiplied autonomously by the means of bluetooth and infrared interfaces. This mutated specimen from India for example responds directly to the recipient and shows itself to be emotional. The mutated tamagotchi self-confidently addresses its conversational partner with statements such as ‹you make me horny!›, ‹you look like my mother›, ‹do you think, I’m neurotic? anyway I don’t believe you›, ’stroke me, please!›, or ‹I hate you!› and expresses its personality through beeping, wagging its feathered tail, and through glaring at the viewer.

Artspace Magazine, 10 of the Best Artworks at LISTE 2016

2022 kunst lokal rheinfelden, Rheinfelden, Switzerland
2017 DEMO DAY, Kunstraum LLC, New York, USA
2016 LISTE 21 – Art Fair Basel (represented by Kasko and Dr. Kuckucks Labrador), Switzerland
2015 Art Market Budapest (represented by ARTspaceSWITZERLAND), Hungary
2014 Kunst_stücke ins Licht getaucht, DOCK Basel, Switzerland
2014 Hebel_121, solo exhibition in Basel, Switzerland
2013 Insert: Stall, Ausstellungsraum Klingental in Basel, Switzerland